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Jatin Kacha

.Net & SQL Server Tech. Leader

Contact No : 09925528942
Email : jatin.prayosha@gmail.com

Blog : https://jatinkacha.wordpress.com/
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I really enjoyed your article from Oct 2010 (https://jatinkacha.wordpress.com/2010/10/02/call-google-map-webservice-api-from-cand-vb-net-call-geocoding-map-api-webservice-from-c-and-vb-net/).

Is it possible to retrieve the actual map server side? I am struggling to find a solution where you can implement via the ASP.NET code behind. How did you display the map?




Map can’t be displayed on server side. Map is displayed on client browser only, and for that you need to use JS only.
You need to refer to the Google Map documentation on how to display map browser.

Regarding now to implement cod via ASP.NET, if you look at into my article, i have give clear instruction how you can call google map web service.
It;s a simple component that you can put on a class file, and following piece of code is used to call web service.

Geocoder.ResolveAddress(“University road”,”rajkot”,”gujarat”,””,”India”)

Hope that is clear

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