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Take Out Time for Yourself:
Try and do a division of your heavy workload. Make a list of tasks which can be split into smaller pieces. If there are some tasks which you feel aren’t really important, give them up. Try and learn the art of time management. Try to maintain a balance between your personal and family life.

Think Positive:

Don’t let thoughts like: “I’m trapped”, “things are never going to change” etc.

Take advice at your workplace:

If you’re finding it difficult to handle things at your workplace, do one thing,  walk up to your management and discussing things with him. These days many companies provide counseling to their employees.

Are you free..? then you can do this.

Activites like watching movies, music, gossiping, travelling can actually help you overcome negativities in your life.


If you’re bored of your city life, it’s time to go for a holiday. Plan for a short vacations…. hills, jungles, beaches. Make sure you don’t get where you will have environment what you have in present city/place.  You would feel revitalized.

Eat Healthy…Stay healty:

Eating healthy food is a key. It is also important for good mental health.

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