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One of the requirement during the maintenance for one of the project was to call a web page iteratively on a scheduled time.

I find one interesting article posting script how to run scheduled task to call a web page using task scheduler in windows.

All you have to do is save following script in a .vbs file, and schedule it to run on windows scheduler.

Here it is:

Call LogEntry()

Sub LogEntry()

‘Force the script to finish on an error.
On Error Resume Next

‘Declare variables
Dim objRequest

Set objRequest = CreateObject(“Microsoft.XMLHTTP”)

‘Put together the URL link appending the Variables.
URL = “http://localhost:82/image-sitemap-generator.aspx”

‘Open the HTTP request and pass the URL to the objRequest object
objRequest.open “POST”, URL , false

‘Send the HTML Request

‘Set the object to nothing
Set objRequest = Nothing

End Sub

You can find more detail from here for implementation of this:


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